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Imagine... Your Clickbank® Affiliate ID on Thousands of Pages All Over The World Making You Big Money 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week - 100% Absolutely FREE!

Build A Monster Ad Network of People Ready, Willing
and Waiting To Advertise Your ID on Their Websites

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From: Armand Morin
Re: Internet Viral AdNetwork

Just What If...
  • If you were first to hear about Microsoft, could you make money?
  • If you were first to market ICQ, could you make money?
  • If you were first to market Hotmail, could you make money?

You are about to learn the NEXT Viral Marketing Wave!

Undoubtedly the answer is yes, to all of these questions. This is the exact type of high powered profitable opportunity you have in front of you right now. You can never say you didn't have the chance or opportunity to succeed, as you are looking at your chance right now.

First off...

This has never been done before - You are one of the first to hear about it.

Let me ask you a question. Can you say "geometric progression"?

This one concept will instantly give you the ability to take 100% full advantage of the Internet and the power of viral marketing and use it to its full potential, while creating you a massive network of people ready willing and waiting to place your ad on their website.

Interested? Read on for all the juicy details.

Here's what I discovered quite some time ago...

  • Viral Marketing is the most powerful tool on the Internet
  • Advertising has created many dot com millionaires
  • People flock to anything FREE
  • Combine all 3 of these truths and you have a powerful system

The Secret System So Powerful It Will Shock You

I don't want to take too much of your time, but what I am about to reveal to you is a system which was developed to put you in a unique position to harness the awesome power of viral marketing and at the same time, build a loyal network of people ready to do your bidding.

This System is called "CBClicks". This is destined to be the next wave of the Internet.

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Imagine this... Your Clickbank® Affiliate ID on
Thousands of Web pages All Over The World!

Do you think if your Clickbank® Affiliate ID was literally on thousands of pages that you could make sales and earn commissions? Plus... its all on 100% AUTOPILOT AND FREE!

Here's How CBClicks Works

  1. You sign up at the bottom of this page for FREE. All you need is a Clickbank® ID which also FREE, if you don't have one already, Click Here.
  2. Login to CBClicks and get your Ad Codes. Your Clickbank® ID Number is now in position #6. As you refer other people to CBClicks your ID moves up in position.
  3. Place the Ad Code on your website either:
    • On the page itself.
    • On a popup on exit
    • Or our Modal Popup
  4. Refer other people to CBClicks to Build Your Ad Network.

Let me give a quick example of the power of CBClicks

  • You Signup to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is in #6 position on your website.
  • You refer "John" to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is in #5 position on John's website.
  • John refers Sue to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is in #4 position on Sue's website.
  • Sue refers Mary to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is now in #3 on Mary's website.
  • Mary refers Bob to CBclicks - Your Clickbank® ID is now in #2 position on Bob's website.
  • Bob refers Matt to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is now in #1 position on Matt's website.

Position #1 is the most wanted position in the program. People seeing the ads on any page will most likely click on ad #1 before any other ad.

Here's a Hypothetical Example About The Power of
Building Your Ad Network - It's Mind Blowing!

This example is if everyone referred only 3 people and each site only received 1,000 visitors a day.

Your Ad Network  Position of Your Clickbank® ID  # Ads Shown x 1,000
You 6 1,000
3 5 3,000
15 4 15,000
45 3 45,000
135 2 135,000
405 1 405,000

Total Ads Shown Per Day:


Would You Like Your Ad Shown 604,000 Time Per Day?

What if everyone referred 5, 10 or 20 people to CBClicks?

Click Here To Get Started With CBClicks Right Now!

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Laser Targeted Ads Shown Every Single Time!
About the Ads You Will Be Displaying...

What we have done at CBClicks is this: To display ads we utilize Clickbank's® Marketplace. These ads are ranked in order to what sells best. So you are always showing top quality, high converting products and websites.

The ads are targeted by you using a "keyword". You choose the "keyword" which best relates to the products and services on your website.


Click Here To See Banner Ad
Click Here to See The Tower Ad

Lets say you have a site on ebooks. You would select "ebooks" as your keyword since people coming to your site are already interested in this topic. Now the ads shown in your Ad Code will be about ebooks.

These ads are the top selling ebook products from Clickbank®, so your chance of converting that lead to a sale is highly likely. When a person clicks on an ad with your Clickbank® ID and purchases a product, you earn the commissions from that sale. This is how you make money.

Click Here To Start Displaying 100% Targeted Ads Right Now!

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This is Not A Wave of Opportunity - This is a Tsunami!

A wave merely goes at it's own pace based on the currents of the ocean. A Tsunami is a giant wave up to 150 feet in height which can go up to 600 miles an hour and destroys anything in it's path. CBClicks is a Tsunami and it's merely the start. Ride the CBClicks Tsunami of opportunity.

It's Not All About Clickbank® Ads

We have big plans for CBClicks which you will be able to take advantage of. In the future we will be adding many features which will generate additional revenue and also new features which allow you to communicate with our organization as well.

Sign Up For CBClicks Today It's 100% FREE!

Here is what you need to do next..

Fill in the form below and you will instantly gain access to CBClicks and you can start promoting immediately. First add your own code to your website. We give you a wide selection of marketing tools to aid you in the process of displaying CBClicks and also marketing it and building your own Ad Network in the quickest way possible.

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